It was 1777, the end of the second year of the American Revolution. The town of Yonkers was on the Neutral Ground – the no man's land that separated the British on Manhattan Island from the Americans to the north.

            On a cold January night, Tim Euston was thrown in jail – accused of robbery by the man who had his hands on Tim’s fourteen-year-old sister, Sadie. Two days later the only adult who could testify to Tim’s innocence was found  dead. Testimonies of boys  were still enough to get Tim out of jail but the father of one was wrongfully convicted.

            Who was the real killer? Those with motives had alibis, and many just did not care. Both the man killed and the man punished were poor and powerless.  But Tim Euston cared.  They were his friends.  Tim wanted justice and he would keep looking until the real killer was identified.

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